Tadaaaah: Que Pasa’s city patio is awesome and amazing
March 22, 2019
Tadaaaah: Que Pasa’s city patio is awesome and amazing
We have news for you: at the back of popular Que Pasa restaurant in the Wilhelminastraat there is a cute city patio. The patio is intimate, cozy and it has the same wonderful atmosphere as inside. A local artist has painted Aruban scenes in bold colors on the back wall; the mural depicts the island’s flowers, trees, beaches and rocks. Real rocks are scattered in front of the painting and plants are the lush backdrop of the place. The view is truly Aruban as well: a historic saddle roof, complete with its typical dormer windows.

The white wooden flooring is interspersed by antique-looking squares of blue-white tiles; an elongated bench with small tables and other seating arrangements fill the area. The patio bar is convenient and a fun place to hang out and catch up with friends.

Now that we’ve talked you through it, there is only one way to experience Que Pasa’s city patio and that is to go there yourself. We think it’s awesome, amazing and wonderful.

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